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The reason for the Command Roster is to basically build a “bench” of troops you may want to use during a campaign.

A common approach is to fill in the roster with various weapon builds of the same troop (eg. Plague Marines) because certain weapons will be better against different opponents. Your Roster can never have more than 20 troops on it, and as troops die throughout the campaign, you’ll replace them with new ones (on the roster).

Also, because in a campaign, your troops will level up, as they do their points cost will increase. You keep track of this on the Command Roster. As the points cost for a troop increases, taking him on a mission means you’ll have to shave points somewhere else in that Kill Team, but the leveled up troop will usually be more powerful.

Either way, when you set up to play a game, you’ll only ever pull a maximum of 100 points worth of troops from the Roster to play.

Does that help?