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Hey everyone, I got a good bit of gaming in over the last month.

I got about 4 games of Rum & Bones: Second Tide in with my daughter, which is always a good time. I finally got my hands on the original Rum & Bones conversion kit so I got to use all of my old factions with the new rules.

I got a game of Starship Samurai in, and it felt like a quicker, slightly lighter version of Blood Rage, but with a sci-fi meets Voltron feel. Pretty fun game.

I picked up the Hand of the King KS version of A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures game, along with the Night’s Watch Starter set and some extra armies and got to get one game in before I left home for work. Lots of fun, I am looking forward to playing that one a lot more.

I got a solo play of Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress in as well and man did I enjoy it. Very cool push your luck adventure system.

I have been painting hot wheels like crazy and buying all sorts of custom tokens and terrain for Gaslands, and got to set up and play a few rounds. It is crazy how cool that game is, and how fun and addicting it is to buy and paint hot wheels now, lol.

I am supposed to play my first game of Kill Team tomorrow, so I will see how that goes.

As you can see, having never played or painted many miniatures games before I found The Esoteric Order of Gamers, all the gameplay videos I have watched over the last year has had a big influence on me.