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Home Forums The Gaming Room Runewars headed for the bargain bin? Reply To: Runewars headed for the bargain bin?


One of each expansion is fine and gives both sides the material to build a full army for a great game – just without much variation. Adding a second base game will help a lot there, as it allows you too field a much larger variety of the base troops, and it’s the most cost-effective way to do that.

Of the units not in the base box I would consider a second box in the following order (but none of these are necessary):

– Crossbowmen (their best formation needs 3 trays)
– Wraiths (ditto)
– Command unit for either (you might want to field a second banner bearer, champion, etc.)
– Reanimates (to build the REALLY large formations and have spares for Ankaur Maro)
– Outland Scouts (the can form a really powerful unit with 4 trays and Kari embedded)
– Carrion Lancers (to build the dreaded “Worm Star” of 6 carrion lancers)
– Death Knights (you can never have enough Death Knights)
– Oathsworn Knights (only if you REALLY want more cavalry)

I’m clearly biased towards Waiqar as that is my faction of choice.