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Universal Head

My two experiences with the game so far convinced me it isn’t very good. Combats turn into a boring dice rollling grind because of the small map and chokepoints. The rest is just piles upon piles of random tables and cards. I didn’t think there was anything innovative or interesting about the game system at all.

Mostly, I was annoyed with the poor quality of the miniatures. Things improved with the second wave (when we finally got it after 4 years) but they’re still very average.

I also didn’t like their poor communication, the way they turned around and charged people who wanted it for early shipping when the campaign promised shipping was included (while the rest of us had to wait for ages longer), and the fact that most of the stuff was in retail for ages before we got our stuff. It was an amateurishly run Kickstarter and the rejoinder to everything was ‘you’re getting a really good deal’. Yeah, well we funded your game guys.

After it all I had a very bad taste in my mouth with Flying Frog when it was over and I’m not buying their games again.

But that’s just me! 🙂