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Universal Head

I mean that since the extra step with the original process is just a wash, which is super fast, that old way of doing things may still be better as you don’t have the streaking, but you have a more defined shadow in the creases.

That said, I’m not seing any streaking in this video. Great video (I especially like that he discusses his failed experiment) and I like the way there’s a lot of experimentation going on with the new paints as people discover the options. I love the vehicle weathering look, though to me that rust effect doesn’t work at all. The space marine looks fine, but I’m still not convinced. One disadvantage with the translucency is that your painting has to be neater, because you can’t just cover up earlier mistakes with other colours. You can see by my videos that some of my paint application (eg for skin) is really rough and fast, as later layers of paint neaten things up. With this contrast paint every application has to be neat.

Anyway, we’ll see!