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Universal Head

I’ve only played versus mode once but it was fun – both players had an ‘overlord’ board and it felt like a more balanced one to one game than the usual asymmetric game. As for the rest of seson 2, I didn’t look too closely as it seemed to be mostly more missions and extra characters I had no interest in. I got the core game, Wayne Manor, and Versus mode, and I’m very happy with that amount of content. Glad I got Wayne Manor for the extra maps (and I must admit I love the big T rex), and versus mode is a fun change of pace.

As for Conan and Batman, they’re almost identical, though the wide difference in the theme does make them feel different. So far I feel Batman is a bit more unforgiving for the heroes, but that may improve with time. Neither are ‘bash em up’ combat games; there is usually a specific way (or perhaps ways) of optimising choices and strategy for a map, and that can be frustrating sometimes as it can feel like a puzzle to be solved. Luck feels a bit more swingy in Batman as there are more dice with drastic ‘big hit or nothing’ results. I like them both and I’m glad I have both, though Conan still has a very special place in my collection.