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Universal Head

It’s hard to say mate, as I’ve only played 4 games. So far I think Conan is the better game, as every game I’ve played of it has been fun. The Batman games have been ‘that was a bit frustrating, but it will be better when I get to know the scenario better’. I think they could have erred on the side of a bit of ‘bash up the bad guys’ more rather than ‘maximise everything to win this scenario’, certainly.

I think I’m going to experiment with giving the good guys one more turn so the timing isn’t so tight.

The versus game we played was actually a bit more fun, as we had relatively equal forces and we were both using the same system, so there wasn’t as much penny-pinching with energy cubes.

Don’t worry about the rules, I’ll eventually make a rules summary and reference that will sort all that out, though it‘s a big job!

My final, carefully considered advice? Cancel your pledge and give the Esoteric Order of Gamers Patreon page the money instead. Let‘s face it, which gives you more constant gaming enjoyment? 🙂