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@Universal Head: I watched your Let’s Play of Joan of Arc. Thanks for that!

One central thing that is very unclear in the rules and has only been clarified in the FAQ is that “commanded” units cannot take part in the current activation if moved into the activated area. I.e. you can can’t command a unit to move into your area and then move it out with the Move action (or attack with it). From the FAQ:

Can a unit benefit from an Order placed in an area if it unit is brought into the activated area by a Command action?

Answer: No, it cannot. A Command happens before or after a unit’s ACTION, not before its activation. Hence, if a unit moves into an area containing an Order, then the unit won’t be able to be activated by that Order. The Order has already been given for this area.

Might be a nice thing to mention on the Rules summary too!

Interested in any more comments on what you played wrong? 😉