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I’ll probably not get much gaming in during Essen, but at least it sets the mood. 😀
Death Star under construction

For the Middle-earth SBG we played the “Bucklybury Ferry” scenario on my friend’s gorgeous custom-built board. Pippin was the hero of the day, slaying a Nazgul single-handedly. One Nazgul managed to reach and wound Frodo just as the hobbit reached the ferry, but then the ringwraith ran out of Willpower to melt into the shadows. Fun game!
What a gorgeus board to play on

Twilight Imperium 3 on Saturday was as epic as it was supposed to be. A 7 hours game, where my Yssaril Tribes raced ahead in victory points, only be torn down by the combined effort by the others, just before they reached 10VP to claim the throne. As the others were still very far away (the next player had only 3VP!), we called it a draw at that point.
Mecatol Rex under siege

Bonus game on Sunday: Detective – a modern crime boardgame. We “solved” case 1 by about 50%.