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It was great to meet Karsten (Soulsorcerer) in Essen this year, we had a lovely chat about games over a coffee.

I got to test a few games:

1. Conquest – Last Argument of Kings by Parabellum
Great-looking miniatures game in the style of old Warhammer Fantasy Battle – actually a bit too much in that old style. Not excited by the game system, but the minis are obviously gorgeous (and huge, almost 40mm scale).

2. The Elder Scrolls – Call to Arms
I’m no fanboy of the Elder Scrolls games, but I enjoyed this quick Skirmisher very much. Streamlined rules, but nice special abilities made for a fun demo game. I believe it’s based on a similar system to the Fallout miniatures game (also by Modiphius).

3. Hellboy
I know Peter likes it a lot, so I wanted to give it a try, but I must admit I found the demo VERY light. Not much in choices. Also for me the abstracted comic graphics (which match the comics very well), don’t work so good for me for a boardgame. I definitely would have to try a little more in-depth scenario for a final verdict.

I’ve also got a couple more detailed rules explanations…

4. Aeolis is a Greek game and a current Kickstarter. It’s a cooperative city building where you have to defend the settlement from outside threats like raiders, plagues and other catastrophes. Looked quite interesting, but not enough to pull me into the KS.

5. Pirates! drew my eyes through the beautiful map and the theme, but it turns out to be a racing game, with some piratey elements thrown in. Doesn’t look bad, but simply does not seem to be my type of game.