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Absolutely. I made some very good and some bad kickstarter experiences. This one at least delivers in the end (who knows if this game will ever be available retail? I sure hope so for the creators). Then there’s this one 3dprinter campaign i backed years ago….
Things like these did indeed make me more cautious when backing any kickstarter. Of course some campaigns are really worth it money-wise with all the stretchgoals they pump out (eventhough, does anyone ever play all the content you get in the end?) and then there are others that are available at retail at an even lower price making you wonder why not just wait a bit and be on the safe side. And then again it’s exciting to see where a project goes in the process.

Anyway, i played Demigods a couple more times now and can say that it is a very versatile game. You can build your own arenas and just give out everything random and have a fun time. Or go at it very competitive, which already starts in the picking phase to build your team (very close experience to a moba game, trying to counterpick the enemy while building a strong team yourself). Or anything inbetween.

Just hope those miniatures don’t take another 5 years. Was looking forward to painting them.