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Home Forums The Reception Hall What would you like to see in 2020? Reply To: What would you like to see in 2020?


Well, what can i say about the closing of the forums. After all i am the most active one of all…hope you read the dripping sarcasm.
I do enjoy reading about all kinds of boardgame related things and i also do like this forum to share some things every once in a while. Often i can’t really participate in discussions, since a lot of the games are tabletop wargames and i don’t play any of them (not that i would not like it. I just don’t have any). I do enjoy to paint and see painted miniatures though. I don’t use instagram or twitter.

But do what makes you happy of course. If the forums are more of a hassle than a joy to you, then close them and make space for other thoughts.

Concerning 2020. I do not know. I am thankful for some of the rules summaries, i enjoy the battlereport/unboxing/painting videos, you got me into using foamcore and i even got myself a tablemat from deepcutstudios because of your video. Foamcore probably was how i originally discovered the order. I am open for new things, what do you have in mind?