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Home Forums The Gaming Room What have you been playing lately? Reply To: What have you been playing lately?


I here ya Peter, I am from Louisiana in the States and we have it the worst it seems. Too much socializing in this state, lol. I work in the Oil & Gas industry, so you can imagine how slow work is with gas being so cheap. I am still working though, which is nice considering how many people have been laid off. Maybe I can actually finish some painting!

As far as games played I played a few games of Mission: Red Planet Second Edition with my family and it was great to get that one to the table again. One of my favorite family weight games for sure.

I played another mission of me and my daughters Aftermath campaign, and once I got the rules down we really enjoy it.

I played 3 games of Space Cadets: Away Missions with my work room mate and it’s a great sci fi co-op. Very simple and streamlined, and I like that about it.

Unfortunately I had a big game night planned while I was home where I was going to finally get to try my copy of DOOM the Board Game Second Edition but I canceled due to the virus, of course.

I have Elder Sign with the Unseen Forces and Streets of Arkham set up right now to play solo when ever I get the chance. Looking forward to losing, but having fun doing it, lol.