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@Uthoroc Such a great paint job! And that background makes it look very professional – love it! And since my spring cleaning is nearly done…and I have this week off…I will be painting…for real! After my horrible first 5 minis back in 1994 (40K 2nd Ed. Starter Box) and years of me saying “I have to try it again”. Now is finally the time! I ordered some stuff online…and it should arrive within a few days. I am not sure I will post pictures….for obvious reasons…but I let you know how it went! 😉

@CK Lai I have not seen the rules yet…but I think it is just the basic rules with some smaller adjustments so that you can easily “upgrade” to N4 without having to “re-learn”. Oh…and I totally forgot about Recon…thanks for bringing that up. Wonder if that gets updated with N4? Wasn´t that rules set created by Ash Barker from GMG?