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Universal Head

Well, I don’t understand it at all. We used Hamachi and set up a network link, but Dylan (my opponent) hosted a game and I tried to join it, WOTR wouldn’t accept the IP address of that network. In the end, we stumbled across the solution. Dylan had that IP address in both the grey bar of Hamachi (next to the ‘on’ button) and the network description line, but for some inexplicable reason I had a different IP address in that grey bar (though the same one in the description line). I tried hosting the game, and he connected using that IP address.

I don’t know why there was a different IP address there, or why we can’t share a game using the address of the network that Dylan created, even though we know we’re linked on that network (we can chat through Hamchi so we know that works).

Anyway, it’s finally working. But it’s a ridiculously non-intuitive process that I still don’t understand. Software engineers really do think in a different way than other people! 😉