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I am really torn about WotR. I played a couple of games inside a few weeks. We played with 2v2. Each side had a seasoned player and a noob (one was me) All of those matches were very one-sided. Either critical cards did not show up…and it looks like there are crazy powerful ones in the game that make a huge difference. Dice roles with sieges or spotting the fellowship went so wrong so many times in a row. Just so many bad card/dice combos that made those games a lost cause for one side. Like getting nearly no recruiting dice etc. And not one of those games…but all of them. I gave up because it seemed like to much luck with dice rolls and card draws involved. Is that due to the game design or did we play wrong/bad…or is that a 2vs2 thing and 1v1 goes better. I have no clue. But what I know is that those games were not fun. I really like the theme and I really want to like the game…so maybe you two (Ralf and Peter) can help. I am up for an online game…if you are up to “enlighten” a disheartened noob 🙂