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Karsten (Soulsorcerer and I) successfully played WotR via the java client yesterday. Successful for him I should add, my military push floundered so badly in Gondor! Hunting the Fellowship was a little bit better, but not good enough to prevent him from dunking the rung in turn 12.

We had a bit of technical problem in that the connection kept dropping, which always cause the client to lock up. Fortunately, reloading, reconnecting and syncing the game always worked quickly and flawlessly.

For reference, if the client hangs up, do the following:

1. Save the game
2. Both players close the client and start it again
3. Host loads the save game and starts hosting again.
4. Other player connects and chooses “Synchronize with opponent” from multiplayer menu.
5. Don’t do or type anything until the syncing is complete, then both players view their card hands again.
6. Continue playing.