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Thanks for the game Ralf! Especially for your patience with me (and the client problems….probably on my end)!

Took some time to get those 12 rounds in due to him explaining a lot to me…rules and strategy. And sharing some pro tips along the way and explaining differences between my 1. Ed. and the 2. Ed. The client is really nicely done…even with cool sound effects 🙂 All in all it was a fun game…with quite some interesting occurrences! Got a bit one-sided due to incredible dice luck on my side and the opposite on his. I am quite sure the “let the noob win” dice manipulation was switched “on” for this 😉 Still the last tile draw could have won him the game with a bit of luck…which was not on his side this evening.

But despite that with a 1v1 compared to the 2v2 I knew before it was a much more enjoyable game. I think for 2 main reasons. First I was much more involved. And second Ralf is a great player. Even those stupidly lucky dice roles just made him laugh. And I realized it afterward how important that positive attitude towards “bad luck” is for a game in general. Sulking and complaining about what did not go as planned and should have worked etc. sucks the fun out of a game so much (which was the case in those one-sided 2v2).

So thank you again Ralf. I am in for another match in the future. 🙂