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Hopefully everyone has received their games by now? I bought mine a few months ago off Ebay with a searate box of 64 miniatures. Initially I thought it was just a skirmish/kill ’em all game and a little uninteresting. As I have played the game more I see that there is strategy throughout, from choosing the right heroes to balance your forces to protecting the physically weak characters, who happen to be extremely powerful magically (keep those mages out of melee range!)
The rule book isn’t great. I still don’t have any guidance on what you are supposed to do with the 54 demigod cards (not the initial equipment ones). They are mentioned in the contents of the box and the same design is on the back of the rulebook and the back of the cards. That’s it! No mention of where they fit in. I have been playing it with one card to each demigod at the start of each turn. If it isn’t used it goes back to the pack.
The contents list also states that there are 19 miniatures in the box. Seriously, look at the unboxing. That is a well filled box, with no room for minis at all!? The minis themselves are pretty good but a little fragile when it comes to spears and staffs etc. And I don’t understand why there are 2 of nearly everything? I read somewhere (not in the rule book!) that you can both use the same hero but who would want to do that? And you would have to have some distinguishing features or coloured bases. I will probably get around to painting them eventually but I doubt that I will keep the repeats. They will go back to Ebay.