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Still didn’t get the miniatures yet. Yes all hero cards and figures are doubled so you can pick the same heroes or play mirror matches if you want. And yes, the contents shown in the rulebook are outdated since it was printed long before full completion and things changed.
About the demigod deck. That is the original gamemode. It is not used in the final version but was included still because it was promised in the kickstarter. The original idea was that the players are the demigods and have their deck of cards instead of having the actual demigods in the arena. Rules how to play with this original mode can’t really be found. You can make your own rules or take them from anyone else who made up their own. I read things like splitting the cards into three decks according to the number of each cards (1 deck each player and 1 for both to draw from and then you choose from which deck you draw. Can’t remember exactly but was something like 3 cards in hand and you can play one each round or something)