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I was lucky enough to get a couple more Infinity games in. We’ve now played through the Operation Red Veil box, and with the last two missions, the game really began to shine. Tactical options became more relevant with more troops on the board and different weapon ranges available, as well as ditching the “Kill all the other guys” objectives. The last mission with the central objective and only 3 rounds in the game, was perfect.

You’ll find some more pics from the game by clicking the link below:
Infinty game images

It’s still a daunting prospect to go from the starter rules to the N3 full rules, so I’ve gotten myself the new Code One starter box (Operation Kaldtrom). The rules are similar enough that the shift from our level of N3 rules is minimal, and the full Code One rules are MUCH slimmer than the N3.

I’ve also started painting some Aleph minis from the Operation Coldfront box I got in a charity auction. Love this “Dakini tacbots”.
Dakini tacbot