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It’s great to have you here Jonathan, and I can’t wait to play your game!

Wow! Upon checking the website, the pre-orders for the game are completely filled up. Looks like I should have jumped on that boat earlier, especially since Dead of Winter (along with Agents of SMERSH: 2nd Edition) is at the top of my current most anticipated games.

I love that the game will have different variants, and I look forward to trying them all (sometimes I play with sensitive people who are strictly co-op). The art looks fantastic! I noticed that on the Watch It Played video with Rodney Smith, he mentioned that it was possible to run out of zombies which could then be filled in with tokens. I wonder if the zombie/character spaces on the board would fit the bases of the zombie miniatures I just got with Run, Fight or Die!, which arrived earlier this week. They are about 7/8 of an inch (or 22.2250 mm) in diameter and the base game comes with 60 of them. With the 2 expansions I have 40 basic walker male zombies, 40 basic walker females, and 45 variant types (15 crawlers, 15 runners and 15 brutes). I sometimes use a combination of these 125 minis in place of the zombie cutouts in City of Horror.