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AvatarUniversal Head

Hmm, this is a concern for me of course, though I must admit I’m not having the same problem (and the site is hosted in the US and I’m in New Zealand). I’d be interested in other people’s opinions. This is a graphic-heavy site, but it shouldn’t be chugging that much.

There are two things I can do that will probably have a huge effect on the speed. One is to install a caching plugin, and the other is to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Caching is good, but it means I must stop my habit of tweaking the pages after I publish them, as users won’t get fed updated pages instantly. Not a great problem; I just wanted to avoid doing installing the plugin until the new site design was stable.

Using a CDN means that the site is deployed from servers closer to your location. That involves an extra monthly cost to me personally, so I’m avoiding it until the site has more traffic.

Anyway, I’ll look into installing a good caching plugin. I’d really appreciate updates from people on the speed, and if you don’t mind WonderSlug, I’ll use this thread to hear them (and to update you all on improvements from my end).