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This has been a discussion I have been having with my wife after a few semi-failed board game events around Melbourne, Australia. Well, the events semi-failed for me.

What I seem to like is strong theme, and goal driven. By that I mean the theme includes a goal rather than “Acquire Victory Points”. I like some of the more abstract games, but games dripping in theme where the goal fits the theme are awesome.

The reason a lot of the board game events semi-fail for me, is most people at these events seem to be the opposite. I can’t seem to get the heavy theme games on the table, everyone seems to be more focused on the games they feel they can “solve”, rather than ones where the work towards a goal. The language for this is always all over the place, because of the mix of Euro vs Ameritrash, or Theme vs Abstract, or whatever. Different people express themselves differently, and there are so many concepts that blur the lines.

I can say no matter how hard I try, I can’t get games like Cosmic Encounter to the table, where it’s a game with lots of chaos and lots of random elements. However the minute you talk about a resource management or area control game, people are all over it. As I said above, I think people like to Solve games, rather than be carried in unexpected directions.

Oddly, it’s a similar thing with Cooperative vs Competitive. Coop games seem to be very rare at board gaming events, people seem to prefer to play games they can “win” against the other players, rather than with them.

Fortunately, my regular gaming group is not like this. However I think the combo of “Star Wars” and “Descent like” is going to lead to “Why not just play Descent?”