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Home Forums The Workshop Giving up during my first painting job. Reply To: Giving up during my first painting job.


Don’t give up, Bremic!

My guess is that your paints are a bit thin. What paint are you using? Acrylics are the best for miniatures, for several reasons. First, they can be thinned with just water (it’s a water based paint, unlike enamel.) Second, acrylics dry quickly so you can add layers without having to wait hours between. Finally, and most importantly for you, they stick to primed surfaces very nicely! Not all acrylics are created equal. I learned that the hard way.

The way a paint behaves has several factors:

1. Thinness (too thick and it gets “gloppy” and hides detail…too thin and it doesn’t cover well and runs into the cracks–like you are experiencing.)
2. Fineness of the pigment (you need a finely ground pigment for minis)
3. Concentration of the pigment (high concentration equals better coverage and opacity of the paint…less layers to get the color you want.)

Brands that I think are good:
Citadel – my favorite, but also the most expensive
Vallejo – nice, but not as consistent in coverage and viscosity as Citadel

I’m no expert by any means, but I hope that this helps.