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Home Forums The Workshop Giving up during my first painting job. Reply To: Giving up during my first painting job.

AvatarUniversal Head

Bremic, Bremic, don’t give up! Everyone has to start somewhere and it can be frustrating, but these are just hiccups on the way to beautifully painted figures.

Sanjaykurichh is right, your paints sound too thin, they should not be running off like a wash. His advice is excellent.

Personally, I know everyone uses a black basecoat these days, but I’ve never liked it and much prefer a white base coat. Black is too difficult to cover evenly without repeated coats, especially for light colours, or those paints that may have a little less pigment in them than others.

White or black base coat however, start with a good paint. You’ll quickly get the hang of how thin it needs to be by transferring it to a palette (I use a glossy white ceramic tile) and swirling it around a bit with your brush. Usually you’ll add a little water to thin it a bit, but not too much!

It’s better to experiment on some unimportant figures first – why not go buy a few cheap figures to practice on? Remember plastic figures should be washed first to get off any residue, then basecoated.

Tell us what paints you’re using, or post some photos, so we can help you further.