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Home Forums The Workshop Giving up during my first painting job. Reply To: Giving up during my first painting job.


I have spent a lot of the evening watching videos and trying to figure out what is going wrong.

We are using Vallejo paints, shaking them well, using a palette, not mixing them with anything. The base coat was a black, which I think was a Citadel Spray.

I know there is something we are missing, but all the videos we see show someone just squeezing the paint out and it’s paint. We are squeezing out and it’s like dirty water, straight from the bottle. We first was shaking them for 15-20 seconds, and thought that might not be enough; but even minutes of shaking doesn’t change it.

It does sound the paints are too thin, but it’s Vallejo acrylic paint right from the bottle; which had been highly recommended.

I am sorry everyone, but we dedicated a fair amount of money to trying this (good brushes, the right paints, etc), and now I have game pieces that are significantly more ugly than they were when they were plain.