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Home Forums The Workshop Giving up during my first painting job. Reply To: Giving up during my first painting job.


So my wife went to Mind Games and spoke to “a guy” there about paints and he recommended the Vallejo.
I went there yesterday was was told the same thing.
She went there today and queried the problems we are having as was told, “The Vallejo paints are more a layer tine, not a colour paint”. This in contradiction to every video I have seen, or the Vallejo web site.

So he sold her Citadel paints. Basically saying she NEEDS to get the most expensive paint there is as none of the other brands are actual colour paint.

How are Vallejo and the other brands still in business if they aren’t what they say they are? My guess, Mind Games has screwed us selling us old/faulty stock, and now to solve the issue will sell us more stuff.

Yay for us.