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Keep in mind it IS a worker placement game – there is no getting around that. The fights over the locations are really what make this game fun. The combat math is pretty easy to do; each Motorcycle Guy add 2, each Pledge add 1. After that each of us will secretly and independently decide if we will bring guns to the fight (hold out a fist, reveal to show guns or the lack of them. Each gun adds 3. Then we roll a d6, and the higher total wins the fight.

There is also a reinforcement phase where you can bring in guys from other locations to help in the fight and a couple other small rules around fights but that is pretty much it.

Guns have consequences, guys end up in the hospital (guaranteed) and might die, guns also bring heat from the cops which can limit your ability to make cash. The guns used are also discarded and sometimes they can be hard to acquire and cost a lot of cash. The decision to use guns in a fight is something not to be decided lightly.

The deals and conversations around them are loads of fun. “Hey UH, how about we just have a fist fight over the liquor store, leave guns out of it and just let the better man win (die roll decide), in return I will have my guys in the bar leave so you can collect the cash?” “Sure Brent, sounds like a fine deal”. Then we both secretly decide to throw guns into the mix or not. Of course, you could also say “Nope, I can take the heat, but I see you have a lot of heat already, besides – I don’t think you even have any guns left, bring it on dude!”.

It also does have the dreaded “OK, Game Over – everybody add up their Victory Points”. Granted there is only one kind of VP and it is Cash so you don’t need a spreadsheet or notepad to add up a bunch of different points.

I hope you enjoy it!