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It’s a fairly simple drafting game. Plays over four turns (years) where each player starts with a hand of 6 location cards and uses them to build a space station. Each card will reward points, and the value can change based on how they are placed. After choosing a card you pass the hand of remaining cards to the next player (order varies) and then you repeat. When all 6 cards are placed, you deal a new hand and start over. Repeat four times.

There are some resource management concerns with being able to afford the locations, or generate power for them.

The placement of the locations has significant impact, and you don’t know what you might get moving forward, so there is some planning with trying to prepare for some locations, then maybe you will get them or not. You have to choose if you want to work towards something you might never get the chance to complete, or just pick the best option for right now.

I find it a lot better than 7 Wonders. The theme feels better, the choices are a lot more interesting and the artwork is amazing. Especially for a game that is really fairly simple.

On top of these there are options that will mix things up. The first three are part of the base game, and you can mix and match how you want. The variety within each means you are unlikely to get the same combo for a long time.

Alien races, each with their own special power.
Objectives, each player working towards them for bonus points.
Conflict cards, making the game more aggressive, where you are not just competing, but also attacking others.
Ambassadors, which provide interesting twists for people who bring them into their stations.
Alliance cards, which will set short term goals for a year that you alone can work towards while you don’t know what others are doing.

I don’t think this game is something where you will play it several times in an evening, as after playing once I was ready to move on to something else, but after a couple of days the desire to play returns.