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I have been helping Mantic with their packing – perks of living near to Nottingham. I really want mantic to succeed – they have piqued my interest in a way I never thought I’d see again. Ronnies lack of attention to detail worries me though.They seem to be spending loads on postage of various waves of various games due to lack of planning/organisation of the shipping department. The fact they charge such a low amount for shipping around the world is a worry too. Courier shipping to Singapore, for example, costs them over $100. If you have to do that twice for two separate DZ packages you are making a loss.
This rush to get MA out is another example. Two waves will kill their profit and also alienate those who have to wait. They clearly wanted to be able to say the MA KS only started shipping 8 weeks late. They should have waited until it was all in. I personally was prepared to wait a few more weeks.