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A nice topic Grand Master. I admit I have not played Destiny, but have flirted with Halo and others of such ilk. You would think the most expensive video game production would have had a team dedicated to providing a narrative as expansive as the setting and impressive as the graphic design.
I sell the game at work and have overheard friends address their unfulfilling experiences. The ‘MMO’ aspect, however, as you hinted at, seems to have intoduced diserable elements for gameplay. Such as the auto-interaction only with players of similar skill; unless manually selected.

I guess overall, Destiny doesn’t harm current video game expectations, aside from itself. Otherwise people are still finding storytelling solace in recent(ish) hits such as Last of Us. Or you could play new games using IP’s that already have great stories that everyone (that I associate with) loves! Such as, Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor.

Concerning yourself UH, though a less than hoped for venture on your part, I am glad to know that despite your busy EOG content schedule and time consuming tabletop practices, you also make time for video games.
This makes you what I like to call the ‘Complete Gamer‘. Which means you love gaming in all it’s forms. Whether Pen and Paper Role Play, Board and Card, Miniature, video and… Live Action Role Play!? Does that count? What about Mind games; Meta gaming? Hmmm… maybe I’m incomplete. Simple fact is they all offer different experiences virtually impossible to dublicate with oneanother and that’s cool.