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Home Forums The Reception Hall Hmm … a tad dusty in here Jeeves. To work, fellow club members! Reply To: Hmm … a tad dusty in here Jeeves. To work, fellow club members!


My gosh! Has it really been almost a month since this topic was posted?

I apologize for not being a more active member, but I want to assure you it has nothing to do with the quality of the site or anything related to it. I guess I’m just not a super chatty person like I used to be.

I remember the good ole days in college (University for you foreigners. . .;)) when I’d spend entire breaks just chatting away in forums, mostly about video games, but just as often about whatever random topic was brought up on a given day. These days (with two young children, the age I’ve heard referred to by a few podcasters as “the dark ages for gamers”) I mostly check forums for rules inquiries, and occasionally find myself caught up in lengthy debates on this or that, usually related to Descent rules. But for the most part, by the time my kids are in bed if I’m not sleepy myself, I like to work on insert designs or paint something.

Now, lazy pants excuses aside, you’ve managed to create a site and, equally as important, project a personality that just hits the mark perfectly with my gaming tendencies. I check the site nearly daily for new content, and watch every new video you post. Your painting videos are especially up my alley, and even though I’m not into war gaming (yet. . .) I really have enjoyed your play through videos of things like DeadZone and Confrontation. Your videos are always so full of energy and your passion for the “worlds” you’re playing in really shines through, where most other online personalities focus mostly on rules and “whether you should buy this game, blah blah blah.”

I really enjoy sharing my box insert designs here and seeing what other members come up with; Your Descent second edition insert was my springboard into the hobby, so this feels like my insert home for all time! And your rules summaries. . .well, I think you know how much I love one of them in particular. (Sedition Wars)

I hope the slow start to your forums doesn’t discourage you in your efforts. You’ve really got a fantastic site, your content is consistently improving, and I look forward to seeing it grow. I do my best to point people here from Google+ when they ask painting questions or insert questions, and I think once more people discover what a truly valuable resource you’ve made here, they’ll tell their friends and they’ll tell their friends, and it’ll be unstoppable.

Keep up the good work!