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I think I’m the only person on the internet not looking forward to this game.

I’m so invested in Descent, and I really like the figures and art and world there. I’ve bought everything released so far and will continue to buy anything they release. I really love the game that much. That alone though isn’t a good reason, I admit.

I used to be a fan of Star Wars, big time. I’ve just found myself less and less interested in it as I age. No reason really (well maybe the really annoying guy in my office who watches it all the time and updates the whole office any time a rumor comes out about some Star Wars thing that may release in the next five to ten years), but I’ve just lost interest for the most part.

I do think the package has a good chance of being a gateway game for lots of non-boardgamer Star Wars fans. Could help to grow the hobby in a very big way. And I know the guy in my office has already sworn to buy it so I imagine I’ll play it at some point. 🙂