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I am already falling out of interest in Imperial Assault, and it’s not even out yet.

To be honest, Descent is starting to fall out of favor with my group, and the last couple of expansions are still in their shrink wrap. The problem is one of progression style. Very quickly the game turns into repeating exactly the same strategies to try to get control of the board, rather than changing your play style to suit the encounter.

Descent may as well be named “Corridor Blocking with pretty pieces”, because most of the time you are trying to get past something in the way, rather than battle the bad guy. Whichever side you are on.

Assuming this will have the same problems as Descent, and the fact that they have announced 7 expansions three months before the game is released; and this is just seeming to be another shelf filler, and there are too many good games out there that are different and evoke less frustration to invest anything more than a passing interest in Imperial Assault.