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Home Forums The Reception Hall Hmm … a tad dusty in here Jeeves. To work, fellow club members! Reply To: Hmm … a tad dusty in here Jeeves. To work, fellow club members!


You’re quite welcome! You deserve it.

As for proofreading, I keep meaning to get round to doing some others from my collection, but my knowledge of the other games isn’t quite as thorough as with Sedition Wars, or in most cases your summaries are already in good shape.

As you know, Sedition Wars was a unique beast, in that the rules were such a jumbled mess of revision over revision, those of us who wanted to play it with any amount of confidence were intimately familiar with each change during the time period following its release, but getting one well composed catch-all document was really difficult to nail down. I think, even to this day, the official rules have yet to be merged the way you did it, so players buying it off the shelf have:

1. inaccurate / confusing unit cards
2. an obsolete rule book
3. 3 pages Errata
4. 5 pages of FAQ
5. a document containing scenario specific errata and suggested troop load outs.

It’s still a fantastic game, but it’s anything but approachable without your summary and revised cards. Man, I haven’t played it in a while and writing about it makes me want to break it out. 🙂