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I. Love. This. Game.


It’s in my top “Games I Play” category. To me it’s a blend of Magic: TG, Miniatures combat, and D&D.

It’s Magic in that you’re building a spellbook and deciding what tools are at your disposal. BUT unlike Magic you can bring them out any turn you want – no luck of the draw.

More than Magic though it is mostly a minis combat game (in my opinion). You’re building your army (spellbook) and bringing them onto the table. They may be creatures, conjurations/structures, or spells.

It’s D&D in feel (to a slight degree) – you’re mages beating each other up.

I love the mechanics – it has a very simple system (but it does appear complex at first glance). But once you get the turn order and steps down it flows well. The complexity is in figuring out the traits/keywords. Most are straightforward and any that aren’t you simply look up in the codex.

It’s a favorite at our shop. We’ve grown from one player (me) in January to about 18 in the shop. I run weekly events and we consistently have 6-8 people showing up. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

I love that you can do what you want with it. That includes building out the starter books in the core set and just keep playing those as a static game. There are enough options in there so the games don’t (or shouldn’t) get boring. Or you can go crazy and build them up from scratch.

Did I mention I love this game? 🙂