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Okay, tried posting this the other day. I think hyperlinks are causing a problem. So posting them without links.

Your list makes me happy. I have no background in art but I don’t let that stop me. As I mentioned in my intro thread I was inspired by a post on BGG where a user named barks painted his Battle of the Five Armies figures. I’ve been wanting to paint for a long time but didn’t have the confidence in my skills. His blog clicked with me and put all of the stuff I’ve read over the years together. I realized I could do that. So I went ahead and bought stuff to do it.

I like kits. I’ve used them for other hobbies over the years (like fly tying) and think they’re a good entry point. If I don’t like the hobby I’m not out too much, if I do then I learn basic techniques and when it comes time to upgrade equipment I know what I want. So I did some searching and decided to go for “The Army Painter Mega Hobby Kit”. I picked it up for $75 US.

It contains some tools (hobby knife, cutters, tweezers, mini drill/bits, sculpting tool, file), self healing cutting mat, green stuff, basing materials, a few glues, black spray primer, and 11 paints. Considering I needed most of this stuff (except hobby knife and mini drill) I didn’t think it was a bad deal.

The paints included (army painter warpaints brand):
– red (pure)
– blue (ultramarine)
– green (greenskin)
– yellow (demonic)
– black (matte)
– white (matte)
– flesh (barbarian)
– brown (leather)
– metallic gold (greedy gold)
– metallic silver (plate mail)
– Quickshade Ink – Strong Tone (Umber wash)

There might have been some other stuff in there as well but I think that about covers it. I also ordered their spray primer (army painter leather brown) as I was following barks’ steps on his blog.

I did my first minis this past weekend and was very happy with the results. I’ll see about adding pics in another post. I found the colors included to be sufficient and I played around with mixing for the colors I didn’t have. The biggest gap I had was a good, light goblin green. The greenskin is a nice, deep green. I used it on the Great Orcs to see how it looked. I like it on them but I think it will be too dark on the smaller orcs & goblins. I wasn’t happy with my mixing efforts to get a goblin green though.

Which means I went ahead and ordered the Army Painter Mega Paint set. 🙂 I tend to be brand loyal when starting out as long as I feel the quality is there. As I grow in the hobby I’ll branch out and try other brands but I want consistency when I start out. And since it’s “Mega” it’s everything I’ll ever need, right? 🙂 That’s what I’ll tell my wife. Although she knows better.

Update – The paint kit came in on Friday. I found it for $90 US. It has 42 paints in it. Well technically 34 paints, 7 of their quickwashes, and a bottle of varnish. Also had 3 of their brushes. I’m excited and hope to get some more of the armies painted this week.