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Universal Head

That’s a great idea for a video or three, and I’d love to make them one day. Unfortunately most of my collection is in storage back in Sydney (I moved to New Zealand from there 2 1/2 years ago). While I brought a few games with me, and have added quite a few more since I’ve been here, it’s not a particularly impressive collection with the bulk of it not here.

One day, when I’m more settled and not being kicked out by landlords who want to sell or move back into their properties (this has now happened twice!) – perhaps when we’ve got around to buying a place here – I’ll be reunited with my collection and you can expect a surge of content about those other games as, for example, I’ve made foamcore inserts for all of them. Not to mention far more impressive tabletop setups for miniatures games.

Sniff. I miss my babies …