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I have downloaded and briefly looked at the “Director’s Cut” version. Let’s be clear for any future readers of this post. The “Director’s Cut” is an alternate home-brewed rules document made by a gamer who was dissatisfied with the rules that came with the game. I’m willing to bet he didn’t change his mindset about how to approach the game as I have already suggested. The document can be found on BoardGameGeek under the files section of the Android game listing.

So for me, based on how I described the spirit of the game and the game designer’s original intentions, the “Director’s Cut” shifts everything out of the focus that I have described in my previous post. I just don’t think it would be the same game if you try to force yourself to take on the role of the character and place evidence like you would do when finding a clue in Mansions of Madness. The game just wasn’t designed to work that way. For some people, they might really like it if they aren’t able to wrap their head around being a “screenwriter”. For me I probably wont ever play the game that way because I have been enlightened and come to fully realize what the game was designed to be (see the above post). 🙂

However, I too would be interested to see what others thought after playing these alternate rules. I would want to hear how they think it compares after playing a normal rules game using the mindset I suggest.

Unihead, as far as you having all your best games in storage (including Android), I think you really need to do something about that! Ask an old friend or relative to ship you over a crate of your games!! Also, I agree with you. FFG should have made things more clear in the rule book and marketing of the game. They should have explained that you are are taking on the role of a storytelling force. But since they didn’t, everyone got confused and gave up on the game, leaving an incredible gem of a game on the shelf!