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I’m the same as Ozmo. I held off on Descent for quite a LONG time as much as I knew we’d love it and with Imperial Assault, it was a no brainer.. once I found a site that I could order from ( I did so and paid it in full rather hastily.

I’ve also managed to get my hands on a copy in the meantime and can only discuss the Core Set side of it due to NDA (since the Core has been released overseas, lucky buggers), and without the minis at present: It is just what I always wanted in a tabletop game like this. I can’t wait for December to rock around and hoping it arrives in Dec rather than Jan.

Also, hi to everyone! I’ve been a long time voyeur with the reference sheets and soon the painting guides but my wife and I love our thematic games (Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror – also beta’d that -, Mansions of Madness and a few others) and I should have come here into the forum midst a long time ago.

Additionally, I’m another fellow Australian here. Born and bred in QLD, went to VIC and now just over the border in SA. Unfortunately for us, our gaming group has broken up mostly due to time constraints but my wife and son (15) both love playing board games or roleplaying.