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The Robinson Crusoe idea with the characters is impressive and my wife and I both agree that it is great seeing the equality spreading out more and more.

As for progression/campaign too, the way it works in this is you have the introduction mission, then a deck of cards you set up for side missions which is one card per hero for their personal mission, some green cards the Rebels choose some from and then a few randoms thrown in of the last type. After the first mission, there is two side missions drawn and the Rebels choose which they want to go on, the other staying there till next time. After that side mission comes the resulting Story Mission of whether you won or lost the Introduction.

This is basically how it goes, tit for tat, except there is one or two times where it is two side missions between a story. Overall, there is *gets the sheet*…

Introduction, Side Mission, Story Mission, Side, Story, Side, Side, Story, Side, Story, Finale.

Any time after the end of a mission, the Imperial Player can Force a mission on the players if they purchased it in their purchase step post-mission as well.

I don’t know how Descent did it, I know I wanted to try it for the Campaign expansion at one point but we’re finding this to scratch the itch well enough that the son wanted to play another mission straight after the first.

I definitely know I’ll be reviewing this when I get my hands on the proper copy as I’ve been slack the last year or so with reviews (only done about 4 I think? Arkham Horror, Blood Bowl Team Manager, and a few others and still not done one for Eldritch)