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First time I opened the Deadzone box I got scared and put it away! It was only after a good few watches of Uni Head’s videos that I felt I could take a crack at it!

I went from never having assembled minis to getting both factions done, including green stuff in the gaps, the pining trick on the plague guy jumping the barrier and sand on the basses!

Where I lived decided to get too hot to paint just after I built them so I only got as far as primer (which I had to use brush on for – can’t spray in 40 degrees!)

I think the biggest tip is to just take your time when sorting through the pieces and keep videos/pictures handy for figuring out where everything goes.

Oh also don’t get the water you use to reshape the models into your superglue somehow. Cos then you will have to go to the shops and get more superglue. Acetone is also handy for when you glue your fingers together 10 times.