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AvatarUniversal Head

This is really hard to answer, I must admit, as it’s tied up with the complexities of army building, which attachment boxes go with which unit boxes (like AT-43, the Confrontation units are made up of rank and file and special units – for example, a spearmen box and a spearmen leader, musician and bannerman box).

My best advice is to look through the cards and the spreadsheet that I’ve designed for the game, as they’ll give you an idea of what figures you need for what unit, and standard and maximum sizes of units, and the makeup of banners (armies). It took me a long time to sort it out, flipping through army books, and I can assure you that with those unit cards you are way, way, WAY ahead of where I was when I started collecting! 🙂

Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot left at MM really and you’ll find a lot of gaps in the lists. I liked to get at least one of everything, but I’m a completist (and you get more variety in the types of troops at your disposal that way). Whether you concentrate on more of a small variety of units or less of a wide variety is up to you, but you may find your decisions quite restricted by what’s available.

Good luck!