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AvatarUniversal Head

If you look at my cards, attachment figures are covered by the ‘Special Fighters’ cards. So for example, take the Wolfen Fangs: they have a standard unit of 4 Fangs, or a maximum unit of 9 Fangs. The standard size is the minimum size of the unit, then you can add figures at a cost of 80 AP each up to the maximum size (9 figures/725 AP). If a unit is allowed Special Fighters, each replaces one of the unit’s standard fighters at the extra cost indicated (in this case, 25 AP per figure).

Special Fighters have special abilities that enhance the unit. So continuing with the Fangs, they have a Rune Guardian, who can call a Cuirass of Yllia to temporarily increase the unit’s armour; the Grave Guardian, who can give the unit a re-roll if they fail a Courage test; and the Repentant, who can cancel a point of damage inflicted on the unit.

So as you can see, while Special Fighters/Attachments are not necessary, they give the units a lot of flavour!