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OK – even though my spouse is probably not going to be very happy about this – i placed my first big order from MM’s Black Friday Sale for Confrontation Ragnarok miniatures (the Griffon, Scorpion and Wolfen armies). If possible, if anyone reads this and plays CaoR – please give me your opinion if you think these lists below are good to have decent battles. I purchased the following miniatures:

(2) Starter Sets plus the additional unit boxes….awesome value!!!!

Griffon Army:
(1) box Spearmen
(1) box Spearmen attachments
(1) box Temple of the West Hero Box (Tarkyn & Melkion)
(1) box Demon Hunters
(1) box Executioners
(1) box Canon Unit
(1) box Fusiliers
(1) box Praetorian Guard attachments

Wolfen Army:
(1) box Trackers
(1) box Bloodthirsty Predators
(1) box Great Fangs
(1) box Great Fangs attachments
(1) box Fangs
(1) box Fangs attachments
(1) box Sacred Vestals
(1) box Sacred Vestals attachments
(1) box Throne of Stars Hero Box (2 Wolf heroes)
(1) box Sylvan Animae
(1) box Shadow Trackers

Scorpion Army:
(2) boxes Clones
(2) boxes Sentinels
(1) box Crossbowmen
(1) box Skorizes
(1) box Hybrids Alpha
(1) box Dasyatis Evolutions
(1) box Nemesis Evolutions
(1) box Dasyatis Prime
(1) box Kheris Hero
(1) box Shamir Hero Box (2 Heroes)