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I actually have bought way more than I should have….but I am able to ship the games to my workplace and “sneak” them into my house in the wee hours of the morning so no one is the wiser! 🙂

1) I bought Space Hulk 4th Edition – because it is considered a “Grail” game by most with great production values. Also, it has a very limited release, so it was now or never!!

2) I bought a ton of Confrontation Ragnarok minis (Wolfen, Scorpions, Griffons) during MM’s Black Friday sale. I hope to get this to the table to play – but I figured at the worst case I can use alot of these great looking mini’s for proxies in other games. UH – I hope you release more video batreps/tutorials on this great underappreciated game – as there is next to nothing on the internet for it (aside from your stuff of course)!!!

3) I backed the Age of Conan Expansion on Kickstarter and I bought the Age of Conan base game from MM for $40!!

4) I bought The Battle of Five Armies …..and I anxiously await your Batrep on this UH!!

5) I bought Battlelore 2E…after selling my Battlore 1E collection about a tear ago. I hope that Fantasy Flight treats this game right.

6) I bought Gears of War “slightly damaged box” from Fantasy Flight for $35 with shipping. I heard alot of good things about this one…and I could not pass up this deal, as the minis for it look fantastic!

At this point, the only stuff I am still looking to get in the immediate future is

– Possibly more Confrontation figures that i dont already have. Even at the tremendous price discounts that MM has – this stuff still adds up to some serious $$ if you dive in. No wonder why the game died – as I cant see too many people paying $30 for a box of 6 or 8 minis (when you would need to buy quite a few boxes to have decent armies!!)

– I also want to get Claustrophobia (heard GREAT things about this game) and maybe the two expansions for it.

I also wish I could get the XMas present of being able to find more people with similar game interests as me – because it is not that easy to do that. So many people these days play either MAGIC, Warhammer 40K, or whatever the NEW flavor of the month game is.

For instance – I know it is going to be very hard for me to convince somebody to play Confrontation a) because it is “dead” and b) so many people are stuck in their habit of playing 40K because of their $$ investment and the unwillingness to try something “different”

Well, I guess that all I have for now.