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Wow! How did I not know about Shadows of Brimstone until now?! It looks amazing!

Ghost Stories
I got it for $23! The nice thing about having an Amazon Prime account (other than the free 2 day shipping and free streaming on select movies/tv/music) is that you get access to flash sales 30 minutes before everyone else. My whole family uses my account. …I feel like an Amazon advertisement … Anyways! I saw this one last week and grabbed it. Someone in my gaming group told me this was one of the most difficult games he had ever played. I’m up for the challenge!

The new project from 8th Summit games. I went ahead and got this because I had such a blast with their previous titles: Run Fight or Die! and Till Dawn -AND there is a lot of red and green in the artwork. It put me in the holiday mood! Can’t say I’ve played a Witchcraft themed game before.

Dead of Winter
I am overflowing with anticipation for this! Much to my dismay (like Shadows of Brimstone), I missed the Kickstarter period for this gem, and was forced to wait until winter. I put out an order from the Faulty Ferret in September. Here’s fingers crossed that more copies will arrive come January.

Star Wars Imperial Assault
“The much anticipated Imperial Assault will be in-stock on Wednesday December 17th. This highly anticipated Star Wars universe minis game will be here just in time for Christmas delivery!” We can only hope.


I know this is supposed to be about games that I got for myself, but here are SOME of my purchases that were for friends/family.

Star Trek Catan for my Trekkie Uncle which I found on Amazon for $39.62

Steve Jackson’s Knightmare Chess (third ed.) for my chess loving brother and cousin. During Black Friday I bought 2 copies of this at my local game store, and the second one was half off. Adds a whole new element of unpredictability to the static game of standard Chess by giving players cards that they can play before, after, or sometimes instead of their turns. Some cards affect only a single move, while others change the entire game. Multiple variants are included in the rules.The 2014 edition of Knightmare Chess includes the cards from both Knightmare Chess and Knightmare Chess 2 — 158 cards in all.

Munchkin for my Aunt who has the largest collection of Vinyl Figures I have ever seen. But she doesn’t have Funko’s Munchkin Vinyl Figure: Spyke! Which comes with an exclusive promo card. And the game’s not too shabby either.