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AvatarUniversal Head

Always good to get a copy of Space Hulk, but I wouldn’t worry about ‘limited releases’ from GW – the last time they re-released the game it was going to be ‘now or never’ too!

They’ll probably be another Confrontation batrep down the line, and I have a small revamp of my cards coming soon too, so don’t print them all out just yet.

I’ve filmed a The Battle of Five Armies batrep but not sure yet whether I’ll publish it as we made some pretty bad rules errors and I think it gives a bit of a misleading idea of the game. There’s a Battlelore 2E batrep coming very soon though!

Claustrophobia is definitely worth getting.

Really looking forward to Shadows of Brimstone. It amazes me how no one at that company did some shipping calculations before they ran their Kickstarter campaign. I doubt they’re making much of a profit on sending those boxes, and the second wave, to NZ for $25. Bizarrely bad planning.

Of Miniatures and Meeples
That Mysterium one looks interesting, I hadn’t heard about that.

Dave Morris, one of the Fabled Lands authors, is someone I’ve had some contact with via Tékumel. He has a great blog here.

Ghost Stories is too hard for me – it drives me nuts. I can see how it would appeal to a lot of people but I find it too frustrating.

Coven one looks interesting, though I think I’m all maxxed out on Kickstarters now. Imperial Assault might be my ‘January present’!