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Been quickly scanning some of the rules this morning and I kind of see what you mean that there’s no hard count on how much of one type of unit should be owned. Really depends on how I like to build. If I like cannon fodder then I should load up on lots of models. But if I like to specialize, I won’t need as many since Special Fighters will take up a lot of those points.

I tend to be a cannon fodder player, so it usually results in me spending far too much on tons of models. 🙂

Let me ask this question though about army building. Are there unique characters? For example, the starter set has Serethis (of the Wolfen) in it. Can there be only one Serethis model in an army? I’m assuming yes, and the ‘leaders’ you can have more than one on the table at the same time are the ones with generic names. Is that close to right?

It’s too bad this game/company went defunct. The big draw for me was great models without need to paint. Though of course I’ve started to troll ebay and man are some of those (unpainted) medal models gorgeous.